Below are a number of services we can provide for your business. Be it a new logo, professionally designed business cards or a new website to attract new customers and allow you to extend your brand, we can design something for you.


Logos are the fundamental part of a company's branding. As the company's major graphical representation, a logo enhances and anchors a company's brand and becomes the most recognisable element of a company within the target market.

We can design a bespoke logo specifically for your company, taking into account your companies heritage, direction and most importantly the services you provide to your customers.

Social Media Profiles

Social Media is a very important element of marketing for any company. Not only does it allow you to engage directly with current and potential customers but it also allows you to run advertising campaigns which can target specific audiences on Social Media based on their interests.

Twitter and Facebook both have their merits. Allow us to create new profiles which extend your brand outside of the regular E-Commerce sites and increase the potential for new customers.

Business Cards & Leaflets

The ability to distribute your company's information is vital to it's success. Although a large amount of business is carried out through electronic means, there is still a large audience who benefit from information on paper.

Let us design bespoke business cards and leaflets which tie in to your business look and feel and allow you to extend your brand through paper advertising.

Product Images

If your company sells products online, high quality product images are vitally important to a customer perception of your business.

A professional looking product image can be the difference between a sale or not so let us put together some images that work well with you current site if you have one.